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Uranograd and Ehrenburg
Among the real people and fictional characters mentioned in Amfiteatrov's story "The Point of Rest" (, the publication in the Berlin weekly Ekho is accompanied with illustrations one of which shows Einstein straddling Ilya Ehrenburg) are Ilya Ehrenburg and Julio Jurenito, the hero of Ehrenburg's novel "The Extraordianry Adventures of Julio Jurenito and his Disciples" (1922). The name Ehrenburg looks as if it were that of a city and rhymes with St. Petersburg (in an epigram cited by Bunin in Okayannye Dni, "The Cursed Days", A. Koyransky does rhyme Erenburg and Peterburg), VN's home city renamed at first Petrograd and then Leningrad, and Ekaterinburg, "the capital of Ural" where the tsar's family was executed. In the 1961 Novoe Russkoe slovo interview VN calls Ehrenburg "a brilliant journalist and big sinner." He says that his late mother greatly admired Ehrenburg's poem "The Prayer for Russia" written when the author was still an anti-Communist.

Alexey Sklyarenko

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