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Re: THOUGHTS: Parasites
Victor, thanks for the information on hydatids and hydatidiform moles. This info of course tempts me, since I some time ago developed a hypothesis about PF that revolves around the word "mooncalf," another term for a uterine mole. See the latter half of this post:


Your message also corresponded with my recent interest in a possible connection, first noticed (privately) by Tiffany DeRewal, between PF's Dr. Sutton (plus his possible Zemblan double, Baron Bland) and real-life doctor John Bland-Sutton. Bland-Sutton, who died at 81 ("Eighty? Eighty two?"), was a well-known surgeon and expert in women's health. Much of his work was based on his examination of more than 700 still-born fetuses. He wrote extensively on uterine moles and on tumors. A list of his publications:

An introduction to general pathology, founded on lectures at R.C.S. London, 1886.
Ligaments, their nature and morphology. London, 1887; 4th ed. 1920.
Dermoids. London, 1889.
Surgical diseases of the ovaries and Fallopian tubes. London, 1891.
Evolution and disease. London, 1890.
Tumours innocent and malignant. London, 1893; 7th ed. 1922.
Osteology in H. Morris Treatise of anatomy, 1893.
Tumours, and Diseases of the jaws in Sir F. Treves System of surgery, 1895, 1.
The diseases of women, with A. E. Giles. London, 1897, 8th ed. 1926.
Tumours in Warren and Gould International textbook of surgery, 1899, 1.
Essays on Hysterectomy. London, 1904.
Gall-stones and diseases of the bile-ducts. London, 1907; 2nd ed. 1910.
Tumours in W. W. Keen Surgery, 1907, 1 and 1913, 6.
Cancer clinically considered. London, 1909.
Essays on the position of abdominal hysterectomy in London. London, 1909; 2nd ed. 1910.
Fibroids of the uterus. London, 1913.
Misplaced and missing organs (Bradshaw lecture R.C.S.). London, 1917.
Selected lectures and essays. London, 1920.
John Hunter, his affairs, habits and opinions (the Hunterian Oration). London, 1923.
Orations and addresses. London, 1924.
The story of a surgeon. London, 1930.
On faith and science in surgery. London, 1930.
Man and beast in eastern Ethiopia. London, 1911.
Men and creatures in Uganda. London, 1933.

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