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Re: Botkin and Gogol
Dear Alexey,

Your note brought Quincas Borba (1891) to my mind.
At the end of this novel by Machado de Assis, Rubiao, who has grown mad, dies
believing he is a king and asks to have his crown taken care of.

A. Bouazza.

From: Alexey Sklyarenko <skylark05@MAIL.RU>
Sent: Wed, September 15, 2010 12:20:39 AM
Subject: [NABOKV-L] Botkin and Gogol

One more word about Vasiliy Botkin. His main book is "Pis'ma ob Ispanii"
(Letters about Spain, 1846). Poprishchin, the hero of Gogol's story "Zapiski
sumasshedshego" (A Madman's Notes, 1835), imagines himself to be Ferdinand VIII,
a King of Spain.
Alexey Sklyarenko
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