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[NABOKOV-L] Tidbits and quotes
Dear List,

In a site with literary puzzles, I found an interesting address with quotes from Shakespeare and the names of several authors who chose them for a title of their works. See: "There's a huge list of titles from Shakespeare here. "
I visited the address and copied those related to Timon of Atens (ToA)

O, no doubt, my good friends, but the gods themselves have provided that I shall have much help from you; how had you been my friends else?
(I,ii) Isaac Asimov: The Gods Themselves

Who cannot condemn rashness in cold blood? (III,v)
George Bagby: In Cold Blood
Armstrong Livingston: In Cold Blood
Truman Capote: In Cold Blood
Aaron Marc Stein: In Cold Blood
Ann M. Algeo: In Cold Blood
David Guest: In Cold Blood

You fools of fortune, trencher-friends, time's flies. (III,vi)
William Trevor: Fools of Fortune

We have seen better days. (IV,ii)
Reynolds Price: Better Days
Richard Dresser: Better Days
Chris B. Troste: Till Better Days

...the moon's an arrant thief, And her pale fire she snatches from the sun. (IV,iii)
Vladimir Nabokov: Pale Fire

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