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Re: Poltergeists & DJ West
Matt Roth writes:

I think you have misunderstood. The notecard to which I referred is from the Berg Archive, where there is a folder called "Notes on Various Subjects." This is not from the PF manuscript cards, which are in the Library of Congress. While I think it would be nice to see the manuscript cards published some day, the new edition of "Pale Fire" does not replicate VN's cards. It simply presents the poem on handwritten cards (not VN's hand). When I get a chance, I will write something for the Nabokovian, providing all of the lines quoted from West along with their context and significance to PF.


>>> Jansy Berndt de Souza Mello 10/03/10 12:55 PM >>>
Wow! I hadn't realized that PF's note-cards were available and, it's to be asumed, the new edition of Pale Fire, the poem, will be a real replica of them (front and back sides?)
Congs to Matt on his dedicated research and for uncovering a Dr. Sutton...

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