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THOUGHT: the whole codology
Tom Rymour writes:

Dear All,

Re the hunt for codology in Pale Fire(AKA the Higgs boson of Nabokov
studies) I recall a conversation with an academic in 1998. She was one of
the three judges who had just seen fit to give me a literary award for a
work of satirical fantasy. I asked her if she ever dabbled in fiction, and
she said: "Good heavens, no! there are only two kinds of people -- those
who write and those who write about them. You're one and I'm the other.
And if it wasn't for chaps like you, we'd have nothing to do!"

It strikes me that Old McNab has given an awful lot of people a great deal
to be getting on with. Personally, I'm content to look at the Taj Mahal by
moonlight, rather than pore over architectural drawings of it.

Hugs and kisses...

Tom (Rymour)

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