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two anagrams
Rodnaya Zembla + volk + gin = zemlya + Nabokov + darling

or, if you prefer:

Rodnaya Zembla + chelovek + mest' = zemlya + Nabokov + emerald + chest'

Rodnaya Zembla - Russ., native Zembla (cf. Kinbote's note to line 62: "Would they shoot me at once - or would they smuggle the chloroformed scholar back to Zembla, Rodnaya Zembla, to face there a dazzling decanter and a row of judges exulting in their inquisitional chairs?")
volk - Russ., wolf; Germ., people
zemlya - Russ., land, earth
chelovek - Russ., man, human being
mest' - Russ., revenge
chest' - Russ., honor

Alexey Sklyarenko

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