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Re: QUERY: Source for Nabokov passage from love letter
Dear Paul,

Perhaps you mean this:

*The eastern side of every minute of mine is already colored by the light of
our impending meeting. All the rest is dark, boring, you-less.*
It's from a letter he wrote to Véra. V.N. Selected Letters, p. 18,


Hafid Bouazza

2010/10/29 NABOKV-L <>

> Hello,
> I'm trying to find a passage that I read in a Nabokov book, however I only
> have the very vaguest recollection of it. The clues I can remember are:
> - I'm almost certain it was the end of a love letter
> - It used the sun rising or setting, or perhaps the turning of the earth,
> as
> a device to illustrate the distance between the letter-writer and his love.
> - I'm also pretty sure that Martin Amis used it somewhere, either putting
> the words into one of his own characters or quoting it in some critical
> work.
> I know there is almost nothing to go on, but maybe someone will recognize
> what I'm talking about.
> thank you,
> Paul Nulty
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