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Re: Nabokover Bunny???
No convoluted MEANING involved, Jansy. An acting/producing group has called
itself nabokov (always lower-case!) and its followers/fans are known as
Bunny is a play by well-known writer Jack Thorne, staged by the nabokov
group at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
As your citation shows, Bunny won a prize at the Festival. From what I¹ve
read, there seems no link between the play¹s title and Edmund Wilson¹s
nickname. nabokov simply staged Bunny¹s premiere. I suppose someone in the
group MAY have thought about the connection, but there¹s no sign that Jack
Thorne had any such thoughts. Bunny seems a giddy lass in the play.

Now WHY the group called itself nabokov is not entirely clear! Their stated
politically-activist, left-leaning AIMS hardly appear Nabokovian!

nabokov is a new writing theatre company dedicated to commissioning,
developing and producing backlash theatre - new work that offers an
antagonistic response to contemporary agendas, trends and events.

As far as I know, there¹s no copyright infringement involved in naming a
group nabokov. Dmitri might possibly object if the group¹s political
activities bring disrepute to a noble name! I now notice they run the
NABOKOV [all caps!] ARTS CLUB, and this DOES pose the problem of how
APPROPRIATE the name is, and how MISLEADING it may be to genuine
Stan Kelly-Bootle

On 06/11/2010 14:12, "Jansy" <jansy@AETERN.US> wrote:

> Dear List,
> Will anyone care to explain what "Nabokovers" and "Bunny" mean and if there's
> any connection to Vladimir or Edmund Wilson?
> Thanks,
> JM
> <http://nabokov.typepad.com/newsblog/2010/08/bunny-wins-a-fringe-first.html>
> <http://nabokov.typepad.com/.a/6a00e54f81710d88330133f3d54035970b-popup>
> Team nabokov are over the moon to have been awarded a Fringe First! We are
> fresh from the award ceremony and have a photo of our lovely award to prove
> it! A big thank you to our friends at Escalator East to Edinburgh, Arts
> Council England, Watford Palace & Mercury Theatre Colchester for all their
> support.
> We only have three performances left in Edinburgh and we will all be sad to
> leave this wonderful festival, who have embraced BUNNY so warmly.
> It's been such an incredible, whirlwind month & us nabokovers will always
> remember it! So if you¹re in Edinburgh and haven't got a ticket to BUNNY (a
> Fringe First award winning production) then what are you waiting for? Get on
> it chaps!
> love,
> nabokov
> 27.08.2010

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