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Person from Porlock
Person from Porlock equals Bend Sinister, which I just finished for
the first time and am amazed with. One thing Laura has done for me is
re-spark my reading of VN.

Also there is an audio review ( about 35 minutes ) for Laura at <A class=weblink href="" target=browserView>

I thought the 3 people had some interesting ideas though they are not
strictly speaking experts. One thing that fascinated me was the idea
that VN may have had the idea to publish the complete novel in a form
similar to what it is now. A fanciful idea the guy admits. But in
light of the experiment of Pale Fire and I'm going to throw in Bend
Sinister which I just finished, imagine if it had crossed his mind to
really push a formal experiment to this extreme. It reminded me of a
section in Michner's The Novel in which his writer is working on a
novel called Kaleidoscope I believe which was to be presented to the
public as unbound loose pages the reader could rearrange and shuffle.

For me so far the most interesting part of Laura is the self erasure
section in light of Alexandrov's writings on the Otherworld and I
would have loved to see where that aspect of the novel would have gone.

Are there any more untranslated stories? When can we expect the
complete poems?

Darryl Schade

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