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LATH: Vadim's year of birth
Since no one cares to correct me, let me do it myself. Vadim indignantly replies to Oks (Osip Lvovich Oksman, who said that he met Vadim's father twice: in the days of the First Duma, 1905-6, and in 1917, after the February Revolution) that his father died six months before he was born (LATH, Part II, ch. 4). Vadim's birthday must be the same as that of VN: April 23, 1899.

I'm not sure anymore that Vadim's family name is Blagidze. After all, he does refer once to lieutenant Starov, his first wife's murderer, who blew his brains out, as "Blagidze:" "The hole in Blagidze's mind had caused a complete set of recent memories to escape..." (I, 13). I have another idea about Vadim's surname, but it has yet to be tested.

Happy New Year!

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