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Re: CORRECTION re: 'Signs and Symbols' ...]
Thank you, and Phyllis, for drawing attention to this. I am happy that
Phyllis still has fond memories of the May 2008 seminar (for the 60th
anniversary of the publications of "Symbols and Signs" in The New Yorker) to which
she made such a graceful contribution.

I have just completed a chronological archive of all the nearly 150 Inner
Circle Seminars so far since the first in April 1996, plus a few to come,
and placed it on my blogsite "Existential Psychotherapy & Inner Circle
Seminars" at _http://anthonystadlen.blogspot.com/_
(http://anthonystadlen.blogspot.com/) . This is presumably why the announcement of the Nabokov seminar
was noticed.

I am afraid that the mysterious fourth speaker at the seminar still has not
published the claimed "solution" to the question of what is the "inner
story" which Nabokov spoke of. This "solution" was sketched during the
seminar, and also to me personally before and after it, but I have not been given
permission to discuss it. The speaker did recently assure me, however,
that if all goes well the "solution" will be placed in the public domain in
the not too distant future.

Anthony Stadlen

Anthony Stadlen
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GB - London N22 7XE
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"Existential Psychotherapy & Inner Circle Seminars" at
_http://anthonystadlen.blogspot.com/_ (http://anthonystadlen.blogspot.com/)

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