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Request for source of quotation

On the cover of the 2008 Oneworld Classics edition of the English
translation of Robbe-Grillet's La Joalousie [Jealousy] is a claim that Vladimir
Nabokov said La Jalousie was "The finest novel about love since Proust".

I am familiar with Nabokov's praise of Robbe-Grillet in Strong Opinions,
but I have never noticed this particular assertion, nor can I find it on a
quick re-scan of its pages. I do not think I would have forgotten this if I
had read it.

I should be most grateful if any kind person could tell me where and when
Nabokov said this, if indeed he did.

Incidentally, since in a filmed discussion, available online, he agreed
with Lionel Trilling that Lolita was about love, if he did say this about
Robbe-Grillet's book it would imply that he was saying La Jalousie was a finer
novel, or at least a finer novel about love, than Lolita. This would be
remarkable, if true.

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