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Re: Botkin=Nabokov - Proof?
Hello Sam,

I am not sure why you are mentioning Pnin, when I did not. I don't see him as Nabokov, nor as Botkin.

As for my "word-golf", for Botkin/Nabokov, this is not technically the step-ladder word golf that Kinbote mentions; it is another form of word play. It is easier to demonstrate and comprehend if I have a way to highlight the letters, which I can't do on the list serve.

If you take the letters that are common to both names and then rearrange them as an anagram, they can "nearly" be arranged to spell Nabokov's name. I liken this to "near rhymes" in poetry and suggest that Nabokov had done something similar with "Van Bock".

I find this intriguing, as it would be highly unlikely that this could be done with any two random names.


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