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Re: WIP: Pale Fire = Cryptomnesia?
I thank Mr. Aisenberg for his reply. As he says, we can't lay claim to what Nabokov thought. It is possible to compile compelling preponderance of evidence of Jungian tropes within Pale Fire, which I believe I have discovered, and I will continue to add pieces of my thesis and see if it becomes more convincing.

I have yet to read all of Nabokov's novels, but I would agree that, except for the mention in Pnin, I have not seen other uses of Jung's theories in other works, with the major exception of his pervasive space/time concerns.

However, Pale Fire, I maintain is purposely stuffed with not only allusions to other writers and thinkers, but also with parodies of all the things that Nabokov knowingly detested: symbols, mythology, archetypes, literary criticism, bad translations, bad poets, psychology, etc. In Pale Fire, Nabokov is taking on (the pale fire of) all these bete noires and demonstrating what HE can do with them.

Nevertheless, the two men were very much alike in a number of ways, which I point out. I cannot prove, but can surmise, that there may have been a grudging respect that kept Nabokov from outright attacks.

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