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WIP: Charles II: tutored by Jungians?
I have suggested that Kinbote’s story is a parody of Joseph Campbell’s “Hero With a Thousand Faces”, and that K’s tutor, Mr. Campbell supports that assertion.

Mr. Campbell is King Charles' English tutor. His French tutor is M. Beauchamp. Perhaps it should have been "Mlle Beauchamp". Only one interesting candidate turned up for me in a wikipedia search: Christine “Sally” Beauchamp.

Christine "Sally" Beauchamp was the pseudonym of a woman, actually named Clara Norton Fowler, studied by American neurologist Morton Prince between 1898 and 1904. She was one of the first persons diagnosed as having multiple personalities (a disorder now termed Dissociative identity disorder). Prince reported her case in his 1906 book-length description of her disorder. Prince described Beauchamp as having three distinct personalities, each of which had no knowledge of each other. He wrote: "although making use of the same body, each ... has a distinctly different character ... manifested by different trains of thought, ... views, beliefs, ideals, and temperament, and by different acquisitions, tastes, habits, experiences, and memories..." Though his psychological ideas never took hold, he remained an eminent figure, CARL JUNG for example contributing to his festschrift of 1925, Problems of Personality: Studies Presented to Dr. Morton Prince. ( Henri Ellenberger, The Discovery of the Unconscious (1970) p. 700 and p. 743)

Here we have an allusion to a three-part personality and a further allusion to Carl Jung.

King Charles’ two tutors, Campbell and Beauchamp both have connections to the work of Carl Jung. How interesting that it is these two who sit down to a game of chess the night that the king escapes.

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