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Re: Response to Hen Hanna re: fountain in PF
>Sam Gwynn - Interesting that it could also be seen as the circulatory system, being that Shade was in a "blood-black darkness". I would still go for the nervous system, though, because of the "one stem" (not branches) and because "brain stem" is the connection of spinal cord to brain, and the neurons are all actually linked together, unlike blood cells. Also, this leads him directly into a spiritual experience, whether or not he was "actually" dead.

>Hen Hanna- "But no aorta could report regret": The aorta could make no "report", because it had stopped, but more important is the word "regret". Compare this to Jung's description of his near death experience:

"Everything seemed to be past; what remained was a "fait accompli," without any reference back to what had been. There was no longer any REGRET that something had dropped away or been taken away. On the contrary: I had everything that I was, and that was everything.“ (Jung, Life After Death)

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