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Re: [a tall white fountain] ( mountain ) in [Pale Fire] -- and
( three conjoined lakes called Omega, Ozero, and Zero )

three-fold Cells (or O's) interlinked

"Ozero, oblako, bashnya" (“Cloud, Castle, Lake") published in 1937

literally: (lake, cloud, tower) [Lac, nuage, tour]

0zero == 00 == lemniscate == The infinity symbol ∞
( & butterfly, from Rober Alter, [Partial Magic] )
( Joyce wouldn't have missed the opportunity to
make a pun/link with Null-Null (German toilet sign). )

then "Ozero, oblako, Tower" sounds like
[infinite, blanko Tower]
like the Tall white tower that Shade and Jung saw.

Infinitly suggests infinitely interlinked cells.


My basic hunch here is that VN is relying on etymology and
word-association to construct an imaginary landscape.

like how wordplay motivated plot in [Alice]

System (according to Skeat) is Together-Stand
and Stem is to stand.

Aorta (according to Skeat) comes from "rising" --> fountain
Aorist means "not definite" ---> [not reporting regrets] to an RSVP

Aorist is etym. related to Horizon,

(indefinite Sun(-set)) --> [A sun of rubber]

A sun of rubber was convulsed and set; <-- from Dali ?


On 9/6/17, Alexey Sklyarenko <skylark1970@mail.ru> wrote:
> The phrase "pay attention" is absent from Pushkin's original:

Thank you so much.
Immediately, I had many vague hard-to-write-out reactions.

then, the next day, I had 3 mini- Aha moments.

[Give me now Your full attention.] --- I hear this in VN's voice,
and i don't know why he's telling us this.

it is out of place, in the flow of narration.

it is out of place, in the march of rhymed couplets.

ka-thump, ka-thump ........ ka-thump, ka-thump
a-a, b-b, ........ c-c, d-d

it is out of place, dangling in the middle of the page.

The [Give me now] rhymes with [how] below.

[Your full attention.] matches
[Conclusive destination] in the prev. line

But if [Your full attention.] is taken to lack
a matching [...tion] at the end of a line,

Then I can derive logical satisfaction from the [satisfaction]
in the note.


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