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Re: Response to Hen Hanna re: fountain in PF
On 9/3/17, Sam Gwynn <rsgwynn1@cs.com> wrote:
> The circulatory system is a sort of river with the aorta branching into
> tributaries and streams. The heart is the fountain pump of the body. Shade's
> childhood "attacks" may have been defined by his nervous system, but in this
> case he has had a heart attack, which is verified by the doctor luckily
> present at his lecture.

Hello. & thank you !

"Ozero, oblako, bashnya" (...) published in 1937
literally: (lake, cloud, tower) [Lac, nuage, tour]

when i realized that
French [tour] has 2 meanings
1. tower
2. circuit (as in [tour de France] ) which is syn. with [courses]

each corresponding to
1. Mountain (the fountain tower) and
2. river (system),

i felt pretty satisfied at last.

faire le tour du monde
faire un tour d'horizon

[le sang ne m'a fait qu'un tour] <------------

ditionary (Harrap's) says: (my heart seemed to stop beating)

i imagine this means
[my heart stopped] (or skipped a beat)
[my heart suddenly quickened] (see below)

(from surprise, fear, anger, ... )

(becoming upset) (blood rushing)

"Son sang ne fait qu'un tour"
Cette expression provient de "tourner les sangs", datant de 1790
environ, et signifie qu'une personne est bouleversée, que son rythme
cardiaque a brusquement augmenté, entraînant ainsi un passage plus
rapide du sang du coeur aux muscles et des muscles au coeur.

Now i'm even more satisfied.

i'm ready for the new [Blade Runner] movie.


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