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Re: Hazel's message and other matters
Thanks, Sam, that clears a lot up.

I would be tempted to argue with you, except for the Chapman's Homer date- that sort of clinches it.

The "h wader thrown pot" makes sense too, although it strikes me as a bit inelegant. I like that it involves word-play. I was thinking that it only speaks to the plot level, but a case could be made that "thrown pot" could refer to the word-reversal of Hazel's, "pot-top", and therefore indicate the major motif of mirror images.

I agree with you that there are many themes, the "union of opposites" (coniunctio - sacred marriage of alchemy being a major one). This would actually also fall under the "ars longa" theme (the myth of Atalanta was called "The Marriage of Art and Nature"). The three themes you mentioned could also be seen as speaking to the same theme.

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