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Re: Baron Bland, Yan, Yonny & Oswin Bretwit in Pale Fire
>>At the end of “Retribution” Blok mentions nebo – kniga mezhdu knig (heaven – Book among books). The name of Zemblan capital, Onhava seems to hint at “heaven.”

Alexey Sklyarenko, wondering if "knig" means "book", then it would be an anagram of english "king", and therefore, in PALE FIRE, the true "king" is the book itself, the "plexed artistry" of the whole work, as Nabokov intimates. Since I am looking at the Jungian and transcendental tropes within PF, I would like to offer that this beautiful poem of Blok's does seem perfect for the "keeper of the treasure". The treasure, as I see it, is the hidden, but always present, true "Self", which can be revealed when the ego self-will is dropped and the world-as-it-is is perceived.

Also, "Onhava" is a word-golf anagram of "Avalon", the misty, mythical and mystical isle of Arthurian legend.

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