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Re: Nabokov's Anja and its illustrations
Dear Julie,

I had written If I'd had more I would have put it in. So I'm afraid . . .

But then I checked my files. Two things relevant:

When University Microfilms wrote to the Ns asking if they could reproduce Anya, Véra answered that he did not want this, "mainly because of appalling illustrations." Which of course suggests he and Zalshupin didn't work together.

René Guerra told me in 1983 that he had the original illustrations in his collection. I don't know if he is still alive and I'm sure you know better than me how to contact him (he was then in Issy-les-Molineux). There may be some documentation with the illustrations; René would have hoarded this if it were available.



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Dear colleagues,

Do you know if Nabokov worked in collaboration with the illustrator Zalshupin for his translation of Alice's Aventures in Wonderland, his Anja? More generally, any information you'd have about the role of this illustrator in this publication (how was he recruited? what guidelines was he given?) would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,

Julie Loison-Charles

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