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Post by Maurice Couturier October 26th
M. Couturier et al -

I hope I'm not prying into something personal; but if I may ask, is there
going to be a conference in Nice
about VN? If so, I've not seen any publicity. Can anyone tell me the dates
and/or forward some information?

Very much obliged

Will Douglas


On Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 8:14 AM, Maurice Couturier <Maurice.COUTURIER@
unice.fr> wrote:

> Hi, Zoran,
> Thank you for your prompt response. It helps. Dieter didn't document this
> change, not at least in his annotated edition of "Pale Fire" which
> otherwise has been a great help.
> Look forward to seeing you in Nice.
> Amicalement,
> Maurice

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