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Re: THOUGHTS: Roth/DeRewal article in NOJ
If I may, I would like to say a word for my silent (list-wise) co-author
Tiffany DeRewal. Tiffany was a junior undergrad in my "Subversive Texts"
topics class, in which we read PF. As I recall, she formulated the basic
outlines of the MPD theory (which I had never considered) before even
finishing her first full reading of the novel. She is a movie buff and
attributed the notion to her recent viewing of "Fight Club" (which I still
haven't seen, alas). Anyway, I thought her theory had a lot of promise, and
she eventually turned it into a term paper and then, the following year, a
Senior Honors thesis, which I advised. (By this time I had discovered
Nabokv-L and Carolyn's similar theory.) After that, we worked together to
write what you now have in front of you. Tiffany has moved on to grad
school, where, word is, she is reconstructing Melville in equally outrageous
fashion. We will hear more from her, I'm sure.

Thanks to Jim Twiggs for the kind words and rich insights.

Matt Roth

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