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Baratynski-plus-Fet-plus-Nabokov anagram
Баратынский (Боратынский) + Шеншин + Владимир Набоков = Барбашин (Барбошин) + алтын + Вишневский + ад/да + мир/Рим + окно

ад/да + мир/Рим + окно = дар + кимоно = командир + о = ком + родина

Баратынский (Боратынский) - Evgeniy Baratynski (1800-44), the poet whose surname is sometimes spelled 'Boratynski'
Шеншин - Shenshin, the "real" name of Afanasiy Fet (1820-92)
Владимир Набоков - Vladimir Nabokov
Барбашин - Leonid Viktorovich Barbashin (in The Event, Lyubov's former lover of whom the portrait painter Troshcheykin is mortally afraid; in The Waltz Invention, Salvator Waltz's likely real name)
Барбошин - Alfred Afanasievich Barboshin (the private detective whom Troshcheykin hired in order to protect himself from Barbashin)
алтын - altyn (three-kopeck piece); cf. Ne bylo ni grosha, da vdrug altyn ("The Easy Money," 1872), a play by Ostrovski (its main character, Mikhey Mikheevich Krutitski, is a namesake of Meshaev the Second, a characer in The Event); Tatar, gold
Вишневский - Vishnevski (in The Event, the fat lawyer whom Troshcheykin consults after Barbashin's unexpected release from prison and return to the city)
ад - hell
да - yes
мир - world; peace
Рим - Rome
окно - window
дар - gift; cf. Dar ("The Gift," 1937), a novel by VN
кимоно - kimono; in The Waltz Invention (Act Three), Waltz proposes to dress up the Colonel (the Minister's former secretary who wanted to commit harakiri) as a samurai
командир - commander
о - of, about, concerning; on; against, etc.
ком - lump; ball; clod
родина - native land, mother country; home, homeland

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