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Brian Boyd speaks on Nabokov and Machado at the Brazilian Academy
of Letters
Dear all

A few months ago, Professor Brian Boyd kindly accepted my friendly challenge
to speak on Nabokov and Machado de Assis at the Brazilian Academy of

The lecture will take place next Thursday. It will be an unprecedented
lecture and a great opportunity for Brazilian readers of Vladimir Nabokov
honor the author on the one hundred tenth year of his birth. I am especially
pleased to have helped facilitate this project and would like to thank
Professor Boyd for his generous acceptance.

Nabokov is an author very present in my literary life. It's great his
influence in my first novel "Santos Dumont Number 8", which, once published
on paper, since April, became the first Brazilian novel to be published on
social networks (Twitter and Facebook).

About an year ago, I interviewed Mr. Dmitri Nabokov (with the important help
of Suellen Stringer-Hye. Thank you, Dmitri and Suellen!) for my blog
Pontolit. I also remembered Nabokov in the article "Machado de Assis, the
chessplayer" that I published in "Revista Brasileira", a literary magazine
from the Brazilian Academy of Letters, in celebration of the hundredth
anniversary of the death of Machado de Assis.

Today, mainly because of these two great authors, I write a book on the
metaphor of the chess game in literature, and among 64 authors who were
influenced by chess, I devote an entire chapter to Vladimir Nabokov and, off
course, another for Machado de Assis.

I believe that the dialogue between the works of these two great authors can
still generate plenty of good fruits. The lecture to be given by Professor
Boyd is just the beginning. I am sending a digital version of the invitation
to the event and I wish to congratulate all those responsible for this great
discussion list.

Best regards,

Claudio (C. S.) Soares

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