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Nabokov Sighting

I found this article in Saturday's Haaretz. The writer, Doron Rosenblum,
discusses Nabokov's literary life, focusing especially upon his Montreux
years. Rosenblum describes seeing Dimitri Vladimirovich on a recent BBC
programme and being asked about "The Original of Laura." At one point, Dimitri
shows the Beep interviewer the first index card of the 138 TOOL cards.
Rosenblum then goes on to guide us on a tour of Nabokov's Montreux and what became
of the Nabokovs' 6th floor suite. Apparently, the last member of the of
Montreux Palace to "know" VN was the long-time bartender, who finally left
the hotel's employment just weeks before Rosenblum shows up at the Montreux
Palace. VN's relations with staff is also mentioned.

Alphonse Vinh

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