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Re: A sighting, a recommendation, a thanks
A sighting: I don't believe it's yet been noted that Mark McGurl's recently published book THE PROGRAM ERA: POSTWAR FICTION AND THE RISE OF CREATIVE WRITING opens with a discussion of how VN might have fared as a teacher of creative writing. The book contains several other references to VN as well.

A recommendation: Although I've so far only browsed it, I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen Blackwell's THE QUILL AND THE SCALPEL: NABOKOV'S ART AND THE WORLDS OF SCIENCE. In its thoroughness, its thoughtfulness, its authoritativeness, its choice of an endlessly fascinating topic, and--above all, perhaps--its clarity of exposition, it is the perfect model of scholarly writing at its best. Congratulations to The Ohio State University Press for releasing the work not only in book form but also as an easily affordable CD-ROM disc.

Finally, a thank you to Jansy for her interesting take on Wilson's famous essay on THE TURN OF THE SCREW.

Jim Twiggs


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