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new in Zembla
"More about Fists and Some Other Body Parts Mentioned in Nabokov's Ada," yet another product of my little private distillery, is now available in Zembla: (in Russian, in Word format). I hope it also contains, like the in-vino-veritas piece (well-seasoned now, soon to be bottled and sealed), a few grams of alcohol that will slightly intoxicate a reader or two. I'm sorry people with no Russian can't read this and previous articles ( Alas, the only universally acclaimed author who doesn't need translation and can be appreciated by everybody, regardless of the language one speaks, is, according to Vyazemsky, Moet.

Because I speak in my article of uzun-kulak (Kazakh for "long ear" and "steppe telegraph") mentioned in Ilf and Petrov's "The Golden Calf," let me add that I just found Uzun Ada (literally, "long island"), a port in Turkestan, on the Caspian Sea, mentioned in Jules Verne's Claudius Bombarnac (1892). By the way, this novel also mentions Merv and Repetek, the places in Turkmenistan dear to Victor Fet's heart (for a Russian translation, see

Alexey Sklyarenko

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