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[TRIVIA] Nabokov for young admirers of TV series in England and
Former posting: Several months ago I mentioned references to V.Nabokov in an
American TV series called "Little Liars". In "Lost" we find "Laughter in the
Dark"... Cf. http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Laughter_in_the_Dark when "
Charlie found the book amongst Sawyer's stash. Hurley is later shown reading
the it. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")."

Present posting: Since I already reported Nabokov's presence in two American
TV series, a belated "sighting" (by attentive young helpers...) will be
equally pertinent as a kind of sample of the "fulmerfordian" insistence
related to Nabokov's face and name in the English world ("Skins" - a British
teen drama, and its not very successful remake for the American TV).

The scene belongs Season 5, Episode 1, in which an English teacher exhibits
three tattooed contours: Dickens's, a lady's and Nabokov's saying: "This is
my mum, sandwiched between Dickens and Nabokov."


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