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Re: TOoL: Note on iambic rhythm
My guess is that Nabokov on that page wanted a word like 'lyrate' which he
uses in *Ada*. 'Lyrate hips' - shaped like a lyre.

2009/11/27 NABOKV-L <>

> A Thanksgiving Tidbit:
> I am sure that many readers of TOOL have been enjoying the opportunity
> provided by the note cares of gaining a glimpse into VN’s creative
> laboratory. Those readers will have observed that there are certain blank
> spaces between words (see, e.g., p. 93). Presumably VN left the space blank
> until he had found the appropriate word for the setting. One place where a
> trace of an erased word is still visible (but noted in the transcript
> below)
> is on page 199. It appears that VN had originally put down the word "lyric"
> as a modifier for "body," but then erased it. The entire phrase displays an
> iambic rhythm: "he SAW her [LYRic] BACK, her HIP beTWEEN his HANDS." One
> wonders what adjective VN might eventually have come up with to replace
> "lyric." Presumably it would have the same metrical rhythm.
> Julian Connolly
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