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Re: [NABOKOV-L] TOoL Query: Title page
Well noticed, Jansy. That is indeed the title page (a two-page spread), and the "2008" is clearly a mistake, resulting either from the long process of designing the book (which Chip Kidd reported on at the 92nd St Y on November 16) or from the fact that the "8" is subject to the fadeout that happens toward all elements on the right of the spread, so was not sufficiently noticed, or from the distraction caused by the beauty and originality of the design, or from a combination of these.

Brian Boyd

On 20/12/2009, at 1:06 PM, jansymello wrote:

The inscribed date on the title page of Alfred A Knopf's edition of TOoL, whose gradually fading images repeat the pattern of Chipp Kid's design, is 2008. The copyright indicates 2009 and all the debates I've been following about the pub lication of VN's index cards have been taking place in 2009. Does anyone know what this "2008" means?
(what I'm considering as a title page is the one which is preceded by Nabokov in a dotted line square.)
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