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When I set both lines side by side I realized something I hadn't noticed
before: Shade writes a poem about "life as a poem," whereas Kinbote's
footnote is about "life as a footnote" Neat.
Kinbote's rendering is equally applicable to TOoL, although who authors
the "unfinished masterpiece" remains undisclosable.

Man’s life as commentary to abstruse
Unfinished poem. Note for further use.
(John Shade, PF,lines 939-40)

“…our poet suggests here that human life is but a series of footnotes to
a vast obscure unfinished masterpiece.”
(Charles Kinbote, footnote to lines 939-40)

But Shade writes of life as a commentary to a poem, not as the poem
itself. Kinbote inanely explains to readers what they can read for themselves
Shade wrote.

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