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RES: [NABOKV-L] Nemo, Nikerbroker, Ulysses, Kinbote, PS
The initial part of the quote (I was unaware that I'd cut it off while
reproducing it in the VN-L, sorry!) *:

"And you, what will you be doing with yourself, poor King, poor Kinbote?" a
gentle young voice may inquire.

God will help me, I trust, to rid myself of any desire to follow the example
of two other characters in this work. I shall continue to exist. I may
assume other disguises, other forms, but I shall try to exist. I may turn up
yet, on another campus, as an old, happy, healthy, heterosexual Russian, a
writer in exile, sans fame, sans future, sans audience, sans anything but
his art. I may join forces with Odon in a new motion picture: Escape from
Zembla (ball in the palace, bomb in the palace square). I may pander to the
simple tastes of .


*A review of the Angelopoulos movie reproduced the words said by Harvey
Keitel/ Ulysses in the end and informed me that it derives from Homer's
epic: "After I return I shall arrive in another man's clothes, under a
different name and with different facts. I'll be back. This is the story of
humanity. A story that never ends.

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