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THOUGHTS: Fugal theme , vanishing point, and D. Markson
Dear List,
I finally discovered the word I'd been looking for, in English, to link
modern painting to VN's reference to a "fugal theme". It is the
expression: "vanishing point". Google led me to a writer who uses this
word as title for one of his novels and, in his next, quotes painter René
Magritte and his pipe. The NYT literary critic mentions D. Markson's
move "as in a fugal composition" (and here music comes in, too). *
There are interesting points in this review that seem to take us from
Nabokov's early Russian "Glory" to present literary goings on in
America, including a bit of "Tool" dynamics mixed with Sebastian K's
compositional qualms before "Success", and as expressed in "The Doubtful
Nevertheless, C.Texier doesn't bring up Nabokov's name at any time, so
my linking her review to anything nabokovian seems to be closer to
another kind of "fugue"...

[EDNote. I discuss the vanishing point as an aspect of VN's alphabetic
imagery and recursive narrative structure in my essay “The V-Shaped
Paradigm: Nabokov and Pynchon,” Cycnos 12.2 (1995): 173-80. – SES.]

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