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[SIGHTING] (Bracketed Pushkin) by Holt Meyer

While exploring the link to Thomas Karshan's recently uploaded article in <> I reached Holt Meyer's " The
Inside of the Outside of the Untranslatable (Bracketed Pushkin) in Nabokov's

Opening lines: "In this contribution on the question of untranslatability, I
will be analyzing two published versions of a novel by Vladimir Nabokov [.]
in the Russian and (American) English (Dar/The Gift). The two versions
emerged a quarter of a century apart [. ] A key step between these two
public appearances in extremely divergent language cultures is the
typescript of The Gift heavily corrected and commented upon by Nabokov in
1981[. ] The question at hand is much more one of treating traces as traces,
taking them seriously as such. In this case, it means getting insight into
the staging of (un)translatability as a factor in Nabokov's positioning and
marketing of his text [. ]from the very start."

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