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Re: Celebrating 50 Years of Nabokov¹sLegendary Nymphette ...
Sarah Rapp repeats the common assertion that H-H ³deflowered² Lo. This takes
the dubious decision to reject H-H¹s statement that he was ³not her first
lover.² Is there a hidden reason why some people are willing to accept H-H¹s
confession as generally honest & self-damning but assume he was lying about
Lo¹s earlier sexual activities?

I¹m away from my library. Does VN offer specific clues as to Lo¹s first loss
of virginity, as opposed to vague tales of ³fooling around with the boys?²

Stan Kelly-Bootle

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> Celebrating 50 Years of Nabokov¹s Legendary Nymphette
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> By Sarah Rapp <>
> In 1955, depicting sexuality between two consenting adults was so taboo that
> the Hays Code mandated that in any filmed bedroom scene including a man and a
> woman, at least one foot had to be on the floor at all times. At the same time
> of double beds and chaste marriages, Lolita was published.
> Lolita‹the novel about the deflowering of a 12-year-old girl by a 37-year-old
> man. Lolita‹immerses readers in the inner workings of the mind of a pedophile,
> and depicts sexual encounters, obsession, lust, and salacious urges, all for a
> girl who hadn¹t yet reached puberty.

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