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THOUGHTS: Kinbote as gay sterotype or symbol
Jansy responds to Joseph:

JM: In the same way that we see wealthy and poor, philistine and pervert,
fertile or sterile, patriotic or treacherous, normal or neurotic
heterosexuals, the same applies to "homosexuals", no? This is why I don't
think Kinbote's fondness for either strong burly types or long lashed young
men, or description of sexual encounters would be sufficiently revelatory of
VN's intention to burlesque expressions of sexuality to deal with
post-modern "solipsism" in literature or in language. Btw: VN often
acknowledges that his characters are not "types" ("The story in Bend
Sinister is not really about life and death in a grotesque police state. My
characters are not 'types,' not carriers of this or that 'idea.' BS,
preface )

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