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[NABOKOV-LIST] [QUERY] Professor and Doctor,
forms of address in American Universities
Dear List,

I've been checking the Index in PF and wondering about titles in American Universities. What about familiar additions of PhD,w hen should they be added in an Index?
What does "Dr." or "Prof." mean, and what may have been indicated by adding this information or omitting them. Nabokov himself, who taught at some American universities, would he be considered a Prof. or a Dr.?
Sometime in the past C. Kunin called attention to R.L.Stevenson's title for "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and related them to Dr.Kinbote and simple J ohn Francis Shade, with no other indicators.

Botkin, V., American scholar of Russian descent, 894 ( once called Prof. Botkin by Kinbote)

Kinbote, Charles, Dr., an intimate friend of S, his literary adviser, editor and commentator;
Charles II, Charles Xavier Vseslav, last King of Zembla, surnamed The Beloved, b. 1915, reigned 1936-1958

Gradus, Jakob, 1915-1959; alias Jack Degree, de Grey, d'Argus, Vinogradus, Leningradus, etc

Shade, John Francis, poet and scholar, 1898-1959...


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