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ANNC: Nabokov Conference in Kyoto, Japan, March 24-27, 2010
Tadashi Wakashima and Mitsuyoshi Numano, of the Nabokov Society of
Japan, announce a Nabokov conference in Kyoto and extend an invitation
to scholars from around the world. The invitation is also attached as a
document to facilitate returning the questionnaire.

International Nabokov Conference in Kyoto—
“Revising Nabokov Revising”
March 24 - 27, 2010
Kyoto, Japan

The Nabokov Society of Japan is pleased to announce that an
International Nabokov Conference for 2010 will be held in Kyoto from
March 24 to 27. Its aim is to seek possibilities of revising our view of
Nabokov in the light of our truly international age. Nabokovians
anywhere in the world are invited to participate and share their most
recent discoveries regarding Nabokov and his art.

Brian Boyd, as adviser to the Conference Committee, has written his
endorsement to the conference based on his two visits to Japan, which is
attached below. We hope you will get an idea of how easy and enjoyable
it is to visit us. In order to make this conference as efficient as
possible, we need to have an idea of how many participants we will have.
Please fill in the “Questionnaire on Kyoto Nabokov 2010” at the bottom
if you are interested.

Conference Site
The conference will be held at Co-op Inn, Kyoto, conveniently located in
the center of the city. Lodging for conference members will also be at
Co-op Inn unless requested otherwise.

Call for Papers
A call for papers, together with announcements on how to register and
how to send paper proposals, will be posted to NABOKV-L and the “News”
page on ZEMBLA in January 2009. The full conference program will also be
available on the same site in October 2009.

Languages Available
The papers may be presented in either English or Russian. Translation of
summaries from Russian into English will be provided.

The Estimated Cost of Registration and Accommodations
At the present yen-dollar rate of $1=100 yen, the blanket cost of
registration fee and lodging for one person, including a single room at
Co-op Inn Kyoto for three nights and four days, breakfast included ($60
per night), and the Reception snack on the first day and the Banquet on
the third evening, is estimated to be about $400.00. It may become less
expensive by the time of registration. The hotel is new and comfortable.
Other hotels are also available at extra cost. An excursion by bus in
the afternoon of the fourth day is optional.

This questionnaire is intended to make it easy for the Conference
Committee to plan the conference and will not be treated as a formal
expression of consent to participate. Please fill it in and send it to by December 31, 2008. Please add any questions
you have and we will try to answer them in our next posting in ZEMBLA.
Please watch for it.

1. Are you interested in participating in the full program?

Yes No

2. If so, would you be coming with a spouse?
Yes No

3. Are you interested in presenting a paper?
Yes No

4. Do you have any questions?

Your name:

Your affiliation:

Tadashi Wakashima and Mitsuyoshi Numano, Nabokov Society of Japan
November 2, 2008


As adviser to the Kyoto International Nabokov Conference planned for the
spring of 2010, and as a friend of Japanese Nabokov scholars, I would
like to encourage other Nabokovians from around the world to participate
in the conference.

It is being organized by Professor Tadashi Wakashima of Kyoto
University, the leading Nabokov Anglicist in Japan (and a wonderfully
subtle writer in Japanese, I gather, from snippets of his work otheTokyo, the leading Japanese Slavist (and another wonderfully subtle
writer in Japanese, I am also told), Professor Shin’ichiro Mori of Kyoto
University, a Fitzgerald scholar, and Professor Akiko Nakata, who after
cotranslating _Transparent Things_ with Tadashi and annotating it led
the discussion on the novel on Nabokv-L a few years ago. Like two other
professors, Shoko Miura and Maya Minao, she was a delightful student of
mine in the Nabokov 101 summer school at the Nabokov Museum in 2002.

The Nabokov Society of Japan is the most active national Nabokov society
anywhere, with about 60 members, their own journal, _Krug_, and almost
monthly reading groups on particular Nabokov works as well as their
annual meeting. Both Anglicists and Slavists from around the country
participate. Since they think nothing of converging in Tokyo or Kyoto
from opposite ends of the country, they know one another well but are
also wonderfully welcoming to overseas guests, like Alexander Dolinin,
Julian Connolly, Zoran Kuzmanovich, Vladimir Alexandrov, myself (and one
of my graduate students), and, for the three months around the
conference, Michael Wood, who will give the keynote talk at the

There is no need to be deterred from visiting Japan because of the
expense. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself there twice on the puny New
Zealand dollar (aka the South Pacific peso) and don’t think Kyoto as
expensive as New York, London or Paris.

And Japan is astonishingly exquisite, especially in and around Kyoto,
with its thousand temples. The gardens, the architecture, the divine
food, the manners, the crafts, the combination of long traditions and
bold innovations make it fascinating and unforgettable. And the
hospitality is, shall we say, intoxicating. The organizers have even
timed the conference to coincide with the last ume (plum) blossom season
and the sakura (so-called "cherry") buds.

Central Kyoto, where the hotel is located, offers a compact and
inexhaustible supply of restaurants and arcade, back-street and
main-street shops and easy access to the simple subway and bus system,
which can take you to temples and gardens. The city has a grid system
established over a millennium ago and already part of the background of
the masterpiece of Japanese literature, _The Tale of Genji_.

Among those who have already confirmed their attendance are Julian
Connolly, Alexander Dolinin, Jeff Edmunds, Yuri Leving, Michael Wood,
and myself. Do join us.

Brian Boyd

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