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Re: QUERY: Aunts and exciting find (maybe)

A. Stadlen: But you have left out, after "oeuvre", the word "ormonde", which unmistakeably refers to Joyce (Ormond Hotel in Ulysses).

JM: You are right, while I snipped here and there unfortunatelly I also skipped "l'oeuvre ormonde du sublime Dublinois". ( I was not "a good little girl") and this was exactly Appel's point while dwelling at the Ormond Hotel and James Joyce in an interesting long note I didn't copy down in its entirety.
A.A.Milne wouldn't exactly fit into the "sublime" category. R.Browning might - but I was wrong, again, while I admired VN's ambiguous references because the poet was born in Surrey, England and therefore he was not a Dubliner at all.
Anyway, why did HH pass from Browning to Joyce at that point? Is there any indication in the rest of the sentence since "sublime Dublinois" is followed by: "And in the meantime the rain had become a voluptuous shower." Unless HH's virile "most singular case" ( "shedding torrents of tears throughout the other tempest") at the end of the chapter has any bearing in the issue that escapes me altogether.Perhaps, only God knows.
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