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Re: Browning's Skoramis--addendum Reply to SKB
My experience with the online Liddell-Scott is that it is not as comprehensive.
I find "skoramis" (σκωραμίς with omega in case the Greek is unreadable) on page 1618b of my 1971 reprint of Liddell & Scott (double D, double L and double columned) defined as "night stool," and Aristophanes as the source, thus Ar. Ec. 371.

A. Bouazza.


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We may never know what a playful [sic!] word prankster like Aristophanes meant by “skoramis.” We tend to think of Greek and Latin as “frozen-clean” but at the time, in their day, they were subject to all the semantic/idiomatic  shifts of living languages. I haven’t located “skoramis” in the Liddle-Scott online dictionaries, nor can I find “chamber-pot/commode” on the English side of L-S definitions, but I have sent a query to perseus at Tufts.

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