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RES: [NABOKV-L] [NABOKV - L] "Monumementos" in the Gift and in
Despair: self-judgements and promotion. Correction
Sergey Sakun: It's a coincidence again*. About the possible origin of this
legend I also wrote in my LJ half a year ago.
http://gippodemos.livejournal.com/10710.html. This legend, probably, was
taken by Nabokov from a P. N. Krasnov's essay "Cinema" [1913]. " Many, many
years ago, says the Kyrgyz tradition[.]Tamerlane occurred to count his men
again, and he ordered his soldiers to throw stones again beside the old pile
of stones - and they are only sketched 1/3 stones. 2/3 were killed during
the great Mongol conquests..."/ ( Translated using Google. Correct, if it
necessary, please.) "Thus in a pile of stones Tamerlane foresaw a monument".
And monuments are look much more majestic in the Krasnov's version of this
legend. (1 + 1/3 instead of only 1/3) .

Jansy Mello: There's a Nabokovian quality about certain coincidences (a
theme that has been explored in the latest issue of "The Nabokovian") that
makes me feel, for a little while, as if he's managed to go on playing games
with his readers (with us!), just like it happens in "The Vane Sisters".
It was very interesting to read about the second pile of stones with an
outcome that Tamerlane didn't foresee.


*- Former posting [. ] Sergei Sakun: This scene from "The Gift" [ "Pattern
of Elysian hues! Once in Ordos my father, climbing a hill after a storm,
inadvertently entered the base of a rainbow - the rarest occurrence! - and
found himself in colored air, in a play of light as if in paradise. He took
one more step - and left paradise." ] recalls the following passage from
Thoreau, Henry David, Walden, Baker Farm [. ] This passage also refers to
Nabokov's "iridule" in "Pale Fire"[.] It coincidence. About it I was already
wrote in the last month in my Live Journal.
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