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Recent LA Times Review of Verses and Versions
Dear Friends,

Kindly ignore the pseudo-polyphonic crescendo at the end of Alexander Theroux's review of Verses and Versions in the Sunday, December 21, issue of the LA Times book review: "Program Notes," which conclude the strictly "Russian" part of this anthology, are, of course, by Vladimir Nabokov, not me.

The review went online a couple of days ago; all my attempts to alert the LA Times staff to the absurdity of their reviewer's claim were in vain.

Instead of dwelling on this, I suggest that we turn to the book itself; its full table of contents, by the way, is available via Amazon dot com at


I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to thank Dmitri Nabokov for his patience in answering my queries (for a number of reasons "Program Notes" were a particularly demanding case).

With every good wish for this holiday season,

Stanislav Shvabrin.

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