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Vivian Darkbloom talk music, WiiBMS talks with Rob Morris about his band, their upcoming BMS show, and his special guitar
By Eli Badra, Staff Writer

See them tonight at Olivers! (press photo)

Rob Morris plays a Wii controlled guitar. But more importantly than that, his band Vivian Darkbloom plays some seriously catchy music. Hear it tonight at Olivers, and read the interview now.

Vivian Darkbloom are a local rock band with an esoteric name and a few musical tricks up their sleeve. We caught up with vocalist and guitarist Rob Morris, who was kind enough to take time from his surely busy schedule as an MIT grad student/rock star to discuss the band's newfound medium of expression on the guitar, working in the studio with a high-profile producer, and dividing time between studying and being on stage.Boston Music Spotlight (BMS): Thanks for talking with us, how's it going?Rob Morris (RM): Good, thanks.BMS: Your band's name, Vivian Darkboom, actually comes from Lolita, and is Nabokov injecting himself into the novel in a peculiar way [a fun fact: Vivian Darkbloom is in fact an anagram for Vladimir Nabokov]. Did the elusive nature of the character play into choosing that name?

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Vivian Darkbloom will be performing Friday night at Olivers Nightclub as part of Boston Music Spotlight's Local Spotlight Live Series. They will be joined by Barnicle, Candance Brooks Band, and Topheavy. Tickets are a paltry $10 dollars.

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