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Re: The New Republic review of Verses and Versions
And this particular title has become a cliche for magazine editors looking for a header for any negative piece on Nabokov. Reading the fist sentence of the review, with its sour tone and its errors, would have been enough to give the editor the cue.

Brian Boyd

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To whom it may concern:

II vehemently protest the title of this (otherwise interesting) Alexander Nemser* review.

Whatever one's literary persuasion is, Nemser has no right to compare Nabokov to (historical) Count Dracula even in jest.

If this is sense of Mr Nemser's humor, I suggest a title for a Pasternak review: "Boris Good-Enough".

Not funny, not appreciated, and probably an apology is due for a very bad taste.

Victor Fet,

Victor, The title may not have been Nemser's. The titles of articles in magazines and newspapers are often by an editor, not by the auther of the article. Steve Diedrich

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