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Humbert Humbert confesses in "Lolita," "drunk on the impossible
past." ...

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Chinese characters
Liu Zheng is drawn to the outsiders in his homeland

Liu Zheng's ''Warrior on Donkey, Longxian, Shaanxi Province'' is on display at Williams College.
By Mark Feeney
Globe Staff / March 15, 2009

WILLIAMSTOWN - Imagine trying to represent US society photographically, and in just 120 images - black-and-white images, at that. Even if you gave yourself seven years to do it, the task would still be overwhelming.

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In this exercise, Muniz nods not to Sherrie Levine and appropriation but Nabokov and reabsorption (as one might call it). "I was weeping again," Humbert Humbert confesses in "Lolita," "drunk on the impossible past." What Muniz summons up are sights seen by just such tear-stained eyes.

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