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Hello: I think I forgot to sign my previous message. The one from is from (surprise) Fran Assa.

Also I forgot to mention that the sun symbol is used by VN in his poem, "The Sun Dream" or "Solnechnyy Son" (notice that sun in Russian is son in English.) As Brian Boyd points out in Vol. I, p. 203: "Dreamy Yvain wins [a chess game] but during the protracted tournament he falls deeper and deeper under the spell of an enchanted city.... He returns for his fiancee and persuades her to share his remote abode. For weeks she feigns to hear the sounds he hears, but at last confesses that for her the plain has never broken its silence. When she leaves him, he sinks still deeper in his reverie, and hears and even sees the city of strange concords, stretches out his hands in bliss--and is found dead on the grassy plain."

Back to work after baby–how do you know when you’re ready?
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