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CORRECTION?: SB's article in Spring Nabokovian
I have been greedily devouring the new Nabokovian, featuring some
spectacular new notes and articles. I particularly enjoyed Logan Norris's
article on the location of Anti-Terra and Stephen Blackwell's very
convincing, delightful explanation of why Lolita likes bacon. In the latter
article, however, I wonder if there is a misprint. SB writes: "Recall, too,
that Bacon is also cited in Pale Fire as the intermediate source of the
aphorism, 'It is the glory of God to hide a thing, and the glory of man to
find it.'" I suspect that the novel noted here should be Bend Sinister, not
Pale Fire, correct? Jansy Mello quotes the portion here:


Or I might just say, "PF, SB? BS! ;)

Matt Roth

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