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Re: QUERY: Mournful Monsters
page number for mournful monsters is 19 of the 1990 edition Vintage
paperback of Strong Opinions...

Andrea Pitzer

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> Subject: [NABOKV-L] THOUGHTS: Confessions re: Wilde and VN
> ...inconsistencies
> Jansy:that his characters "are outside my inner self like the mournful
> monsters of a cathedral façade - demons placed there merely to show that
> they have been booted out"
> LH: Where does this quote come from? I've been trying to locate it for
> days!
> Laurence Hochard
> EDNote: A google search found the phrase in interview no. 2 of *Strong
> Opinions* (1962, Peter Duval-Smith and Christopher Burstall of BBC TV),
> but I don't have a page number handy. ~SB
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